Kuran Malhotra

Kuran Malhotra is an extremely passionate philanthropist. He contributes to multiple organizations financially, with his time, and by raising local awareness within numerous communities. As a person who is passionate about promoting equity and economic equality to underprivileged communities, small business solutions for entrepreneurs, and equal voting rights for all, Kuran has chosen to highlight the importance of the non-profits he supports.

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Washington Area Community Investment Fund (WACIF)

An important cause Kuran supports is the WACIF, a non-profit organization that promotes equality in underserved neighborhoods in the Washington D.C. region. While not a new problem, this issue is one that is experienced by many, year after year. Kuran believes that everyone should have access to fair opportunities for entrepreneurship. He supports this organization through pusing awareness socially and ensuring the organization receives the funding that is needed.

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Union County Economic Development Corporation (UCEDC)

As someone who is passionate about economic development across all income levels nationwide, Kuran is a big supporter of UCEDC. Having helped quite a few small businesses in the New Jersey area, Kuran Malhotra supports this private, not-for-profit organization. As the backbone of America’s economy, small businesses are more essential now than ever. Kuran firmly believes small business owners being allowed access to the same loans, mentoring, and training opportunities will significantly strengthen the economy through an increase in jobs, GDP, and local economic stability. With many financing options, UCEDC serves the underprivileged in the New Jersey area by giving them the ability to obtain capital that is not available to them through conventional means.

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Made in DC

Kuran Malhotra is a big supporter of local entrepreneurs and small businesses. The Made In DC program promotes locally-made products from DC area residents. As a program of the DC Department of Small and Local Business Development, Made in DC creates opportunities for local businesses to design, make, and produce products in the District of Columbia. By supporting local entrepreneurs Kuran helps to promote the economic growth within the DC area. Through events and awareness, Made in DC provides exposure to vital, local businesses to develop and provide growth to the DC economy.

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Ensuring the underserved receive the same financial inclusiveness as others is a big focus for Kuran. In supporting Accion, Kuran wants the same economic opportunities for small businesses. When a small business owner is given the chance to grow and thrive, the entire community receives the benefits. Through job creation and economic development, entrepreneurs and small business owners are able to increase financial stability within their neighborhoods and surrounding communities. With access to advisors, coaching, and support, Kuran believes that small business owners are able to make an impact on their own lives and their communities.

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Civic Alliance through Compass

Civic Alliance is a passionate, non-partisan group of businesses that work together to encourage everyone to vote in upcoming elections. Kuran is very passionate about the democratic process in the US. He believes through voting we are able to make the biggest impact to the economic development and growth of the United States. Through Civic Alliance, Kuran works with Compass, a former employer, to strengthen the voting process by supporting safe and trusted elections. Kuran, Compass, and the businesses supporting Civic Alliance are aspiring for record voter turnout in 2020 and beyond. With nearly half of eligible voters not participating in past elections, Kuran and fellow supporters are striving to achieve 80% voter turnout by 2028.

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About Kuran Malhotra

Kuran Malhotra is a bilingual graduate from Georgetown University McDonough School of Business. He holds a BS in Business Administration, where he was on the Dean’s list for his majors in Finance and Operations & Information Management, also with a minor in economics. Kuran is becoming increasingly focused in the fusion of technology and finance due to his years of experience advising small businesses, developing financial management processes, and process automation in business. With his interests ranging from learning Spanish to horse racing to web development, Kuran utilizes his real-life experience along with his vast knowledge of business operations to push the boundaries of how technology is utilized in finance.

Kuran can be found on a variety of digital platforms, including:Medium , Crunchbase, WFMJ, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Today.com